Does Your SOC have a High Clock Count?

You may face one or more of the following challenges as you verify Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) signals

  • Synchronization errors escaping your design reviews?
  • Homegrown scripts report too many false errors and still miss some real problems?
  • Formal tools need too much set-up & lack full-chip capacity?
  • Nothing gives you the fast turn-around you need for all clock interactions on the full chip?

PicoCraft’s GPP Tool with Patented Technology and Design Service can help.

Is Your SOC Static Timing Analysis (STA) Getting Complex?

You may face one or more of the following challenges to Timing Signoff for your SOC design

  • New Timing Constraints need to be developed?
  • Legacy Timing Constraints need to be ported to your current implementation?
  • Noise Analysis not quite integrated with your Static Timing Analysis (STA) Timing Signoff flow?
  • STA Timing Signoff corners, OCV values and Timing Margins vs your Tapeout schedule?
  • Unable to assess the risk of waiving STA Timing violations and Noise violations?

We have the Tapeout Experience and Tool Expertise to help.

PicoCraft: the Technology Leader in Clock Domain Crossing Analysis & Static Timing Analysis.