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STA Based IP Block Timing Extraction

1 comment January 31st, 2015

[January 2015] PicoCraft delivered STA services to Timing Capture parameters necessary for IP Block Timing Extractions in system level. IP Blocks were  in 16nm and 20nm technologies.

16nm IP Block Implementation

1 comment July 1st, 2014

[July 2014] PicoCraft completed Physical Design and Timing Verification for 16 nm IP Blocks in DSP application.

20nm IP Block Signoff

Add comment December 30th, 2013

[December 2013] PicoCraft delivered timing signoff for 20 nm communication IP block designs.

Full Chip Synthesis Consulting Service

Add comment April 30th, 2013

[April 2013] PicoCraft completed design service of Full chip and block logic and DFT Synthesis for communication chip designs.

IP Timing Characterization Flow

Add comment May 30th, 2012

[May 2012] PicoCraft  developed and delivered STA based full timing characterization flow for processor IP block to support proprietary application system.

Full Chip SoC Timing Signoff Flow

Add comment September 30th, 2011

[September 2011] PicoCraft delivered an automated full chip SoC Timing Signoff Flow supporting multiple IPs with separate Library implementations. Flow was developed in Goldtime STA tool.

28nm IP Block Implementation

1 comment December 30th, 2010

[December 2010] PicoCraft delivered Timing Sign-off and Multi-Scenario ECO flow for 28nm IP designs.  Established a consistent Timing Closure methodology for all IP blocks.

FrontEnd Chip Implementation

Add comment July 30th, 2010

[July 2010] PicoCraft delivered Front-end Synthesis flow, DFT Implementation and STA signoff flow for 45nm communication chip designs.

45nm Timing Constraints and Signoff

1 comment August 30th, 2009

[August 2009] PicoCraft completed Timing Constraints and STA Signoff for 45nm SOC in consumer product design.

Timing Bring-up and CDC Analysis

Add comment January 31st, 2009

[January 2009] PicoCraft provided Timing bring-up and automation support for 65nm and 45nm SOC product bring-up. PicoCraft provided the Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) analysis of large scale SOC design.

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