PicoCraft is an early stage EDA startup that is looking for engineers with experience in static timing analysis, clock domain crossing analysis, and complex synchronization issues. We are looking for engineers who can write software, engineers who can work with customers in pre- and post- sales situations, and engineers who can do both. We are located in Silicon Valley and at this stage will give strong preference to engineers based in Silicon Valley.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and offer all of the challenges that you would anticipate finding in an early stage EDA startup. We are guided by HP’s Rules of the Garage:

  1. Believe you can change the world.
  2. Work quickly, keep the tools unlocked, work whenever.
  3. Know when to work alone and when to work together.
  4. Share — tools, ideas. Trust your colleagues.
  5. No politics. No bureaucracy. (These are ridiculous in a garage.)
  6. The customer defines a job well done.
  7. Radical ideas are not bad ideas.
  8. Invent different ways of working.
  9. Make a contribution every day. If it doesn’t contribute, it doesn’t leave the garage.
  10. Believe that together we can do anything.
  11. Invent.

If you are interested in applying please e-mail Ser Hou Kuang ( with your resume or appropriate background information. Principals only please.