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DAC Panel The Business of Standards

2 comments June 16th, 2005

PicoCraft’s Sean Murphy was one of three panelists (Karen Bartleson of Synopsys and Dave Kelf of Novas, with Gabe Moretti moderating) addressing these issues: EDA consumers and EDA developers look at the problem of interoperability differently. Standards can define how you want to compete in the marketplace; i.e., what you choose to commoditize vs. what you don’t. There is obviously a technical aspect to standardization, but there is also a critical business angle to consider. This panel can help the audience to look at the business problem from a range of perspectives. It can help attendees think about why you engage in standards efforts and what your objectives should be.

This is an updated upgraded version of an earlier panel that given at the October 25, 2004 Synopsys Interoperability Forum that Peggy Aycinena covered after she moderated it.