Product: GPP

GPP is a Clock Domain Profile and Analysis tool that can leverage your existing Static Timing setup and Library, to rapidly identify likely Synchronization Errors in the final tape-out netlist for high clock-count multi-million gate SOC designs:

  • Uncover Asynchronous CDC Errors PrimeTime┬« Ignores
  • High Capacity: Fast Turnaround of Full Chip Analyses
  • Exhaustive Root-Cause Analysis for all Modes

GPP is available as both a 32-bit and a 64-bit executable on the following platforms: Linux and Sun Solaris

But I already have PrimeTime® (Note: PrimeTime is a trademark of Synopsys.)

  • Great, We Work With the Same Setup
  • Read Same Netlist (.v) and Library (.lib)
  • Use Same Clock and Set_Case Definitions
  • Keep Using it for Detailed StaticTiming Analysis