Design Services

PicoCraft provides both CDC and STA design analysis services.

Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) Design Analysis
Using our GPP tool, our Design Service team can quickly provide a methodology and design flow to analyze full chip multi-million gates SOC designs. Our comprehensive analysis results allow chip designers to pinpoint problems and validate all of the common synchronization schemes for asynchronous Clock Domain Crossings.

  • We leverage your existing STA setup environment to streamline and facilitate the Clock Domain Crossing analysis process, reducing the setup time for complex full chip SOC designs.
  • Our concise summary of our comprehensive analysis include an innovative graphical visualization that enables very efficient CDC design reviews.

Static Timing Analysis (STA)
PicoCraft has in-depth tool expertise in PrimeTime and Timing Signoff experience with more than two dozen large SOC designs. We can quickly provide solutions to address the complex timing challenges in full chip Timing Signoff. Our design services include the following:

  • Timing Constraint development and conversion.
  • Existing constraint coverage analysis and validation.
  • Static Timing Analysis (STA) Runtime and Analysis Automation. Provide automation for executing multiple Analysis modes and design dependent results summary leading to fast Timing Closure.
  • Timing Signoff Criteria development – Timing Margins, On-Chip Variation (OCV) and Timing Signoff corners.
  • Flow Integration. Integration to Signal Integrity (Noise) Analysis and ECO Implementation.